Saturday, November 28, 2009

roasted broccoli with chili and lemon

ROASTED BROCCOLI with olive oil ,lemon, herbs and chili!!!1! uummmmm
this one is as easy as pie.....and i must admit..i love it like it is a junk much....and i know you will not b able to believe this.....but it does the job like a good old bag of potato chips....yeah, i DOES seem unbelievable!!!
o k we begin.
1 head of broccoli, including the stalk
some olive oil and lemon.....died oregano and died garlic....option....but good

1....pre heat oven to 400 degrees
2....cut 4 inches of the stalk off.....then cut that in half.....peel away , with knife or potato peeler.the outer tough bit
3....cut these half's into julienne pieces(julienne means pieces that look like match sticks) cut the "flowers" into thinnish pieces......see photos
5......put all the cut pieces into a bowl that fits, and drizzle over 1 tablespoon olive oil....a pinch(to your taste) chili seeds.......salt/pepper/ and oregano and garlic powder mix this all together with your hands
6..while you are mixing this, put your pan(preferably a cookie baking sheet), into the oven to heat up
7... a few min later take the cookie sheet out of the oven an put the broccoli mixture into it evenly(no laying) making
sure you scrape out all the oil and seasonings
put into middle rack of the oven, fro between 20 and 30 min
7 you will know it is done....when the broccoli is soft....yet ,has alot of brown crunchy lookin bits(these are the best bits...uuuummmmmm) please take the pan out and put the coked broccoli in the same bowl.....correct seasonings(salt/pepper?) and add fresh squeezed lemon to taste....
i am going to include alot of photos....because the trick of this receipt is to cut the broccoli correctly so it becomes soft/yet crunchy
sssoooooo try it and tell me how you all do ;-)


  1. obviously i have NO idea what i am doing with the photos......oh boy :-)

  2. oohhhhh and to make this extra special...while it is straight out of the oven ..fresh grated(I like those hand held turn the handle round with chunk of cheese in the middle kindof graters) parmesean cheese on top..uuummmmmmmm