Sunday, November 8, 2009

good morning darlings......well i am ready to start my blog this very morning......annndddd we are going to start with "tiramisu"
and this receipt is for Antoine...and his "shout out for it"!.....thanks for missing our receipt sooo very is true we did alot of it in Cairo!!!!
this receipt will never get to a restaurant...simple because it is so fresh and soft....i am not quite sure how they would serve it(i suppose individually)...when we lived in Italy..i arrived with you Jon were only 3 weeks about jet lag!!!...and i left with Jess...only a few months old. also....boy i came with a baby and left with two..!!! wonder i have such fond memories of Italy.....well Italy is just plain wonderful if you like food and art and architecture.....oh i digress....i have alot of english speaking lady friends married to italian men....and one of them gave me this "old italian mama's" receipt"...i truely think it is the easiest and the BEST tiramisu receipt of all!!

tiramisu (pick me up in italian)
250 grams fresh(not frozen)mascarpone(1 small tub)
2 eggs separated(room temp)
12 savoiardi cookies(lady fingers)
1/2 cup cold strongggggggg coffee(like esspresso)
2(or3:) )...tablespoon amaretto or gran marnier
2 1/2 tablespoon sugar

o k lets make it!!!!!
find a shallow bowl/plate....i used to use a ceramic pie dish...about one inch deep.....that the biscuits just fit snuggly in

1) put the cookies in a flat dish(one layer)...pour cold coffee over cookies

2)beat egge whites till stiff and put aside

3)in another bowl mix egg yellows, marscarpone, sugar, and gran marnier(amaretto)

4) fold egg whites gently into the above mixture until just mixed pour over cookies

5)sift cocoa powder(jon used to call the "antrax") on top and put in frig to set a bit

6)try not to finish it all at first sitting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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